Kissito Is Bringing Affordable Elderly Housing Back to Roanoke

Not a lot of people know that there is a shortage of affordable housing for the elderly in the Roanoke market. Kissito Healthcare found out the hard way when in 2012 we started working with the state under their Money Follows the Person program to transfer nursing home residents safely back into the community with community based services. We identified 14 residents that if not for a lack of affordable housing, could have left the institutionalized setting they were in and re-entered their community. This was frustrating to all involved, so Kissito set out to change things.

In January of 2013 Kissito acquired a 10 apartment residence in the Gainsboro District of Roanoke City. In partnership with their construction company JMS Builders, they put together a plan to renovate all the apartments so that affordable elderly housing could be made available again to those in need.

A couple of days ago I received an email along with some photos of the renovation. The project is being called 1884 House. The photos I am sharing with you below are before and after photos. The transformation is amazing to watch.

Soon there will be 10 shiny newly renovated affordable apartments for our elderly of Roanoke inhabit.

1884 House New Kitchen1884 House Old Kitchen1884 House Old Bathroom

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