Kissito International currently has the following programs in Ethiopia:


  1. Morris Cerullo Kamashi Teaching Hospital and UniversityMorris Cerullo Kamashi Teaching Hospital: Construction, Operation and Health Delivery Integration Program. The goal is to provide quality health services to communities in Kamashi Zone, with a special focus on maternal and child health.  Program strategies include: Construction of a 60-bed acute care hospital of International Standards in the Kamashi Zone; operation of the hospital to International Standards; healthcare delivery system integration; health workers’ training, placement and retention; health extension workers’ training, placement and retention; improved medical equipment and supplies delivery through utilization of or strengthening of existing networks and partnerships and/or the development of new ones as appropriate.
  2. Ottoro Hospital: Construction complete.  Kissito is currently working to equip the hospital and assist with staffing.  It is located near nutrition management locations, but is not directly related.  It will operate as a stabilization center for inpatients.
  3. Duna and Halaba Special Woredas in the SNNPR: Kissito implemented Emergency Nutrition program and treated 7,758 malnourished children under this program in 2011-2012.
  4. Halaba Special Woreda:  Kissito provided training to 2019 health staff including 1073 Health Extension Workers and  906 community members in the Health Development Army in 2012.
  5. Kenbata Tenbaro:  Kissito is partnering with local government to strengthen the existing health system.  We have agreed to partner with two hospitals, Shinshicho and ICA, working to equip and staff, and otherwise aid in opening them to provide services in the region.  Additionally, we hope to implement a plan called KT179, which will provide support to other hospitals and health centers throughout the woreda.