Giant infection threatens 3-year-old Mabonga’s life

The Kissito Team in Uganda recently discovered three-year-old Mabonga who was admitted to several different hospitals about five months ago due to excess fluid in his eye. He finally had surgery in a hospital in Tororo where he is believed to have contracted the infection he now has. As can be seen in the photos, his face is taken up by a great mass caused by the infection.

Since then, the mother has been told to go home and just wait for her child to die. Kissito was heartbroken that these were the only words of hope for Mabonga and his mother – which are not hopeful at all! Upon discovery that the CURE hospital might offer services that could help Mabonga, the Kissito International Team decided immediately to take him there. Dr. Johnson, a very reputable doctor at CURE, attended little Mabonga today. He did a radiograph on his head to make sure that whatever Magona’s health problem was didn’t involve his brain. Luckily, the radiography showed that it did not. The infection is certainly coming from his eye.

At this point in time, Kissito is desperately trying to find the next step toward health recovery for Mabonga. Dr. Johnson informed the team that if Mabonga stayed this way for two more weeks, he would die. At this very moment, Kissito is trying to decide if they should take Mabonga to the Mulago hospital or the international hospital – or if we need to fly him to the United States for treatment. Stay tuned for more… please keep little Mabonga in your thoughts and prayers.

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