Hospital in Kamashi Zone, Ethiopia continues construction

Despite legal obstacles encountered in the initial pursuit of building the future Morris Cerullo Kamashi Teaching Hospital and University in the Kamashi Zone of Ethiopia, today dust flies, machines rattle, picks swing and progress ensues.

In 2010, Kissito signed an agreement with Ethiopian government to build the Morris Cerullo Kamashi Teaching Hospital and University in the remote and underserved western region near the Blue Nile River. Because the region is so remote, it was not possible to oursource or find local contractors to build. So, Kissito and the regional government decided that importing construction machineries from the US would be the best option.

In the end, red tape prevented this from being possible, but Kissito was steadfast. We knew if we didn’t act to find a solution, thousands would be left with no healthcare – and many with no hope.

With its commitment to Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, its mission, and all those who are in desperate need and may die without help, KHI proposed a second idea to construct the hospital in good standards and a timely manner: To outsource the workmanship/contract labor while KHI avails all the material needed for construction. This way, contractors are compelled to construct according to standard. Breaking the project up into phases will encourage both timely and quality work as the contracting company will be given the next phase without bid as long as it has met expectations.

The bid was announced last October and the winning contractor, Cobalt Construction, signed an agreement on January 27th, 2012. Phase one commenced on February 3rd, 2012 and is expected to finish phase one within 200 working days. Cobalt Construction will be involved in excavation and earth work, forms and shutters, reinforcement, concrete, roofing, finishing and subcontracting sanitation and electrical works.

Four tons of cement have been purchased, stone and sand is ready for transport from its production site and a 10,000 liter water tank has been purchased to store water at the construction site as there is a water shortage in Kamashi. It will be refilled on a continuous basis by pumping from a nearby stream.

(Photos coming soon)

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