Kissito to Manufacture Improved Cook Stoves

Greetings from Mbale, Uganda! After staying in Uganda for the past two weeks, my fears of not having anything to eat have been totally squashed. Chapati, Matoke, and G-Nut Sauce are my favorites but the staples of rice and beans are fantastic as well. Many of the women in the villages of Uganda cook these delicious foods, not with 4-burner stove tops and ovens, but with a three stone fire pit and open flame!
The conventional three stone fire on which these women cook lead to many negative side-effects. The two worst problems are increased upper-respiratory infections suffered by children inhaling all that smoke and a drain on natural resources from the inefficiency of this cooking method.
Kissito is working with partners in Africa to renovate a building in the town of Nakaloke that will be used to manufacture Improved Cook Stoves. In cooperation with the local government in Nakaloke, Kissito has secured a building to lease rent-free for five years. This will allow Kissito to focus all financial resources on production and distribution of the stoves.
Improved cook stoves in the Uganda marketThe production of the new cook stoves will:
• Create jobs in Nakaloke. As with any community, jobs are key to a successful economy.
• Reduce smoke inhalation. The new stove model releases less CO2 into the atmosphere and will be better for breathing conditions within the home.
• Require less firewood. The benefit here is twofold, more trees will remain in the environment and it will cost less for the average household to purchase firewood.
• Improve hygiene. Many villages do not have running water. The ability to quickly heat a pot of water to use for bathing will dramatically increase the frequency with which the average villager is able to bathe.
In addition to the benefits above, Kissito will also be able to sell Carbon Credits for each improved cook stove we distribute and monitor. These Carbon Credits translate into funding for future projects in Uganda.

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