Affordable Senior Housing

kissito villageKissito has taken steps to create partnerships and projects that address the lack of affordable senior housing and the access of home and community based services in our communities. Through acquisition, new construction, and collaboration, Kissito is involved in many elder housing projects and solutions. In Roanoke, VA where Kissito Healthcare has based their home office operations, there are estimated to be about 800 dually eligible seniors unnecessarily institutionalized in nursing homes. If housing options were made available they could re-enter the community and live independently. In an effort to create such opportunities, Kissito is renovating a 144 unit multi-family property called Kissito Village that will be converted into ADA compliant housing for the frail and elderly. Medical services will be available onsite where possible, to allow for the safest and healthiest environment for seniors to age in place at an affordable price point.

Kissito Village

144 unit studio and 1BR newly renovated apartments for senior and disabled persons, located in Roanoke, VA. Renovation includes new flooring, paint, cabinetry, appliances, plumbing and lighting fixtures. Units are available to lease today. To learn more about Kissito Village and current available lease opportunities contact: Kissito Village Rental Office Phone: 540-400-0817

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