UGOnecoverKissito has made great progress in Health and Nutrition Interventions in East Africa during the past three years.  We have successfully implemented programs that have saved thousands of lives and treat over 500,000 patients annually.  However, we are learning that our current initiatives merely address the symptoms of much larger problems.

This year, Kissito is partnering with government agencies, universities, and other interested parties to foster health and human development in a sustainable, holistic method through community engagement in locally-determined interventions.  The UGANDAONE concept is an integrated approach to health and human development based on an environmental platform. It includes initiatives in Healthcare; Water and Sanitation; Education and Training; Household Income; Environmental Conservation; Nutrition; and Food Security.  This single program will address the root causes of serious challenges for a population of One Million people in Uganda.

Funding will come from a variety of sources, including private donors, foundations, and revenue-generating programs like the sale of Carbon Credits earned on Improved Cook Stoves.  Kissito will arrange for distribution of approved stoves throughout the Elgon Zone. The stoves are audited annually by the United Nations in order to be eligible for carbon credits on the European Market.  We are actively seeking partners to help with the distribution of the stoves; please contact Jen Bell for more information!

There will be regular updates as we move forward.  To get involved email or

Virginia pastors to build church in Africa

Photo by: April ParsonsPastor Tony (left) with his delegation at the Butiru Cristco health center in Manafwa, Uganda.

Photo by: April Parsons
Pastor Tony (left) with his delegation at the Butiru Crisco health center in Manafwa, Uganda.

Almost a year ago, Tony, a pastor at New Life Christian Ministries, a church in Roanoke Virginia, decided to take a trip to Uganda with KHI President Tom Clarke. It was a trip that would inevitably change his life.

Ten months later he is on his second trip, along with five other pastors from Virginia, and they are making preparations to build a church.

“I really felt like God was calling me here,” said Pastor Tony. “There is so much good that can be done here, and I am really excited to see God’s plan for the work in Uganda.”

Pastor Tony has partnered with the Butiru Chrisco health center, only a few miles away from the KHI run Bugobero health center, as a foundation and home base for their work. At the same time, Kissito has also signed MOUs with the health center and will soon be putting our health system strengthening tactics in place.

“It’s a really great partnership,” said Pastor Tony, during a visit to the site. “Kissito will be working on saving lives physically, and we’ll be saving lives spiritually.”

In Uganda 83.9 percent of people consider themselves to be Christian, so there is always a need for churches.

The hospital grounds also have living quarters, where both missionary groups as well as health care groups will be able to stay when they come to visit.

Kissito is already working on revamping their health center, and in July of this year Pastor Tony and his group will be back to start the actual building of the health center!

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