Conflict in South Sudan Creates Difficulties for Kissito

Kissito’s operations in East Africa have been a success, saving many lives in Somalia, Uganda, and Ethiopia. However, it has been extremely difficult to engage services in South Sudan due to the ongoing conflicts. Tribal disputes and raids constantly threaten the lives of many innocent families, and there is continuous tension with the neighboring (recently divided) north state. Shortly after arrival to begin operations in Pibor, Kissito was forced to evacuate.  Staff is still waiting for tensions to wind down peacefully enough return to the region.

Kissito’s project was accepted into the consolidated appeal of the United Nations Office of Coordinated Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) to provide lifesaving emergency nutrition services and local healthcare capacity strengthening for malnourished mothers and children in the state Jonglei of South Sudan.

The project is being funded jointly by UNOCHA and Plan International. In collaboration with Plan International, KHI initiatives include:

  • Performing rapid assessmentsSouth Sudan Juba Office
  • Establishing stabilization centers for mothers and children
  • Establishing outpatient therapeutic programs
  • Providing supplementary feeding programs
  • Providing community outreach and education
  • Building capacity of local health workers
  • Improving health management information systems
  • Coordinating with local partners and government health services

In the meantime, Kissito is working hard to develop some kind of model that will harness community peace. A successful model will be easily duplicated in multiple locations. UGANDA ONE  is a pilot program being implemented in Uganda that incorporates health, the environment, and community needs in parallel with Kissito’s mission: “The betterment and care of human life.”  As of now, a local church in Yei has donated 1 square mile of land for Kissito’s use. This land can be used to cultivate biomass for alternate energy production. 1 square mile is not enough to support an entire nation, but 1 square mile CAN be the beginning of a movement toward peaceful communities all over the region.


UGOnecoverKissito has made great progress in Health and Nutrition Interventions in East Africa during the past three years.  We have successfully implemented programs that have saved thousands of lives and treat over 500,000 patients annually.  However, we are learning that our current initiatives merely address the symptoms of much larger problems.

This year, Kissito is partnering with government agencies, universities, and other interested parties to foster health and human development in a sustainable, holistic method through community engagement in locally-determined interventions.  The UGANDAONE concept is an integrated approach to health and human development based on an environmental platform. It includes initiatives in Healthcare; Water and Sanitation; Education and Training; Household Income; Environmental Conservation; Nutrition; and Food Security.  This single program will address the root causes of serious challenges for a population of One Million people in Uganda.

Funding will come from a variety of sources, including private donors, foundations, and revenue-generating programs like the sale of Carbon Credits earned on Improved Cook Stoves.  Kissito will arrange for distribution of approved stoves throughout the Elgon Zone. The stoves are audited annually by the United Nations in order to be eligible for carbon credits on the European Market.  We are actively seeking partners to help with the distribution of the stoves; please contact Jen Bell for more information!

There will be regular updates as we move forward.  To get involved email or