Kissito 1884 House

Kissito Healthcare is a Non-Profit organization involved with many socioeconomic issues in our community. Kissito’s experience with servicing the elderly has led to the creation of the Kissito 1884 House. Kissito saw this house as a window of opportunity that could provide affordable housing as an alternative to nursing homes. Within this community-based home, residents will be able to keep their independence, yet participate in activities with other members. The Kissito 1884 House is located at 301 Gilmer Ave., Roanoke, VA 24016. This central site is only five minutes away from downtown (driving), with great local attractions such as museums, restaurants, the farmers’ market, etc.

The Kissito 1884 House was acquired in challenging conditions. Kissito completed renovations (including new appliances) to make the building more livable and home-felt for the elderly. With a window of opportunity having been opened, the opportunities are endless. Through this project, we are hoping to also create more involvement in the neighborhood, as well as aid from other organizations for the development of new amenities.

The residents of the neighborhood are hard-working, proud, warm, and caring people who will embrace and welcome the elderly community at the Kissito 1884 House.

1884 House New Kitchen

The pictures to the right show some of the renovations that JMS Builders has done to the building. The house will host 16 people of 65 years of age or older, that do not wish to enter a nursing home. Each apartment has two bedrooms in which 2 individuals will be paired up (unless they already have someone with whom they would like to share the apartment). This will allow them both to split water and electric bills. Other bills such as phone, cable, and internet will have to be discussed between the residents of the unit. The cost per bedroom is $345 per month. We are excited to see all the renovations coming to an end, and getting closer to the big opening. We are now accepting applications.