Speech Language Pathologist – Fincastle, Va

The Speech Language Pathologist will have a Master’s or Doctoral Degree from an accredited speech language pathology program and will utilize the therapy process by demonstrating appropriate evaluation, plan of care development, selection of clinical interventions, implementation, evaluation of functional outcomes, and facilitation of discharge plan. Through evaluation they will assess the residents functional abilities, evaluate and perform diagnostic testing, and participate in completing a designated section of the initial comprehensive assessment. Through the plan of care development the speech language pathologist will develop, document, and implement speech language pathology intervention as well as document changes in residents performance and capabilities. Through therapeutic intervention selection the Speech Language Pathologist will select therapy activities to fit residents needs and capabilities as well as monitor and evaluate residents performance in therapy activities. The Speech Language Pathologist will interpret expected and achieved outcomes related to the resident’s ability to engage in functional tasks. Other duties will include facilitation of a discharge plan, supervising others, and completing inservicing and training.

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