Transition Coach

The Transition Coach manages, oversees, and monitors the resident’s admission process to ensure a positive experience and smooth transition into the facility. The position will be responsible for conducting facility orientation with new admissions and family members upon arrival at the facility as well as conducting follow up meetings 24 hours after admission to make sure all patient needs are met. The Transition Coach will develop lasting relationships with the residents and monitor and analyze satisfaction including new admissions, discharges and short-term patients. This position will be responsible for monitoring the admission process to ensure medications have been sent to the pharmacy in a timely manner, diet has been communicated to the dietary department, and C.N.A.’s and therapy staff are aware of the new admission and have greeted them in a timely manner. The Transition Coach will also be responsible for managing, overseeing, and monitoring the residents discharge process by meeting with families prior to discharge, assessing the success of the discharge, ensuring that plans are in place for the discharge, reconciling medications prior to discharge, conducting discharge survey, and contacting patients 20 days post discharge to ensure it went smoothly.

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